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About Us

Ulcinj Business Association (UBA) is a non-government, apolitical and unprofitable association of business owners founded in January 2002 with a firm belief that life quality of both Ulcinj and Montenegrin citizens is directly connected with the economical status, and that the private sector can, undoubtedly, provide a faster development of the Ulcinj and Montenegrin economy.

We believe that without free trading, information exchange and competition, there is no fast economic development, therefore the Ulcinj Business Association has been trying to reestablish the broken ties in the region since its foundation, as well as to form new ones.

The mission of the Ulcinj Business Association is to improve life quality of all citizens in Montenegro through economic prosperity, to cooperate both with the public and private sector, the international organizations and individual experts, in order to contribute to the development and prosperity of Montenegrin economy.

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